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Release Notes

  • Message now show 3 of the last messages in the conversation with the receiver
  • Added user information
    • Image of user you are chatting with
    • Person's name and email address
  • Added button to hide and show the user information
  • Add Cookie
    • Remember show hide button selection (If you hide the info then then all chats you open will have that same option saved and not show the user information
    • Although there is no HTML 5 functionality yet, whether the browser is html 5 compatible is saved in the cookie
    • Cookie handling methods
  • Conversation export button. If you click this button another window/tab will appear with the xml file of all the conversation history
  • When a new message is received and the chat is not open, not only does the count increment but the li element will now have a class set to make it more recognizable

A few pictures for good measure:

Receiving a message with visual


Message showing user information, image and previous messages with new message


Message showing closed user information


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bisigreat May 6, 2013 at 7:00 PM 
The last screenshot on the installation is not clear. Some part is cut off. Could you please do another screenshot showing all the code used in SharePoint Designer.