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Google Chat Feature !


Hi Steve,

Without a doubt Sharepoint Messenger offers a wonderful chatting functionality. However, Since I have been using Gmail and the online Google chat, I feel very inspired to share an idea with you Steve.

Have you ever used the online web Google chat ?
Please, Do try it!

In the online web Google chat, if you are chatting (Text chatting) with someone, and you minimized the page or you are viewing another page, and someone has texted you, Then, The sent text will show up temporarily to you on the bottom-right-corner exactly on top of the o'clock. I am sure this is an advanced JavaScript technique which will notify the user that s/he has received a text.

I am sure that you will fully understand me if you tested the online web Google chat and seen the functionality I explained above.

So, My question would be: Do you think this functionality is doable in Sharepoint Messenger ?