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Great software comes from lots of discussion so I'd like to invite as much as possible. Please ask questions and if you would like provide feedback, good or bad.

SharePoint Chat App

first post: Galv83 wrote: Check this SharePoint chat:

Chat works only for users having full control or admin rights on SP2013

first post: omletedufarmarge wrote: Hi Steve I have deployed the code on SP2013. It works perfectly ...

latest post: AndreyNovikov wrote: Hello! It's not depends on 2010 or 2013... The problem is inside ...

A couple of clarifying questions

first post: JonRolph wrote: Firstly, please forgive me if these questions have already been ans...

latest post: kschzhd wrote: When you say it was built with the root in mind, do you mean web ap...


first post: lattelawson wrote: Please what is the code to add the webpart to a master page? Seems ...

latest post: SteveMAnderson wrote: Very sorry about that and the amount of time to take to get back to...

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